General Information


The Technion Statistics Laboratory was established in 1986 by Professor Ayala Cohen (deceased) and Professor Paul D. Feigin. Since then it has served the research communities in the Technion as well as in most of Israel’s research universities. In addition to support for research, the laboratory also carries out projects for government, semi-government and private companies.

Research Fields:

The projects that are carried out can be divided into several categories according to their fields of application. Among them:

  • Medical research – including Survival Analysis; Assessment of newly-developed medical devices and diagnostic tools; Design and analysis of clinical trials; Propensity Analysis; Meta analyses
  • Organizational Behavior – Assessment of agreement, Hierarchical linear models, Mixed models, Generalized linear mixed models, Classification and regression trees.
  • Transportation – Before-After analyses, Assessment of intervention, Bayesian methods.
  • Environmental Studies – Relationship between Pollution levels and Hospital Visits.
  • Marketing – Detecting Out-of-Stock from Point-of-Sale data, Analysis of Choice Experiments


The laboratory team has experience using both “classical” and Bayesian methodologies, as well as a growing repertoire of Machine Learning methods for “big data” sets. The team keeps abreast of the latest developments in analyses involving “mixed models”, “hierarchical models”, “mediation and moderation”, “hidden Markov models”.

Analyses are carried out using SAS® and Mplus software, as well as R and Python packages.