The Statistics Laboratory consists of highly-skilled personnel from the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences.

Professor Paul Feigin is an expert in modern methods of forecasting, design and analysis of industrial experiments and clinical trials. He completed his PhD in statistics in 1975, from the Australian National University (ANU), in Canberra, Australia. Professor Feigin has developed and implemented algorithms for building nonparametric time series models using both smoothing spline techniques as well as neural networks. In the area of clinical trials, Professor Feigin has been involved in the statistical design of large-scale clinical trials and consults for pharmaceutical and medical device and diagnostics companies. is an elected fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and of the International Statistical Institute.

Dr. Etti Doveh received her Ph.D. degree in statistics at the Technion in 1992. Her doctoral research was in the area of applied nonparametric statistics. Since then, she is a senior statistician at the Statistics Laboratory. She has developed forecasting methods using neural networks and nonparametric regression and acquired expertise in dealing with large data bases. Her research field is statistical methodology and its applications in behavioral sciences, transportation research, with a particular focus on multilevel, generalized linear, and nonlinear models. Dr. Doveh is an expert in a variety of advanced statistical computer packages (e.g. MPlus, R and SAS)

Dr. Tatiana Umansky received her Ph.D. degree in economics in 1985 at the Electro-technical Institute of Communication, Moscow. Since 1992 she is a staff member of the Statistics Laboratory. She has wide experience in analyzing large data sets using SAS, analyzing questionnaires and applying sophisticated multivariate analysis methods (such as Repeated Measures Survival Analysis, Mixed models).

Ido Griness (MSc) joined the Statistics Laboratory in 2021, after completing a Masters degree in Statistics in the Technion on topics in multiple hypothesis testing. He has mastered a variety of statistical analysis procedures, using both SAS and R software, and provides support setting up Excel-based analyses and procedures.

In Memoriam:   For 33 years Professor Ayala Cohen led the Technion Statistics Laboratory until her death on February 20, 2019.  Much of the laboratory’s success is due to her leadership both as a statistical researcher and consultant as well as her role as a teacher, not only of students, but also of her colleagues and “clients”.    More about her life and work can be found here.